First Game!

First of all. Welcome to Zuen Studio!

This is an independent game development studio based in South Africa. We are currently working on our very first game, with it’s current Development name KwaAfrica.

So the game is set in the iron age in Southern Africa, a time when the land was native to mostly only Zulu and Khoisan. The game is not meant to be ‘set in stone’ for the historical way of how they lived here, but generally just a filler to give reason for the existence of them in the game. It’s a Sandbox Survival game, taking a lot of inspiration from DayZ the mod on Arma 2.

Please know that this game is in NO WAY a copy/clone of DayZ, nor is it a game trying to be better than DayZMod. KwaAfrica doesn’t even have zombies in them! The reason I started this game is because of my love for DayZ and how original and unique its gameplay is. I have seen so many other survival games that tries to re-create the DayZ Hype or just make a quick buck. I mean seriously who PAYS for Alpha gameplay only to know that the game will be ‘free to play’ when it’s out of ‘early access’, or who pays $60 for the best account for a game that is only a clone of a previous game, not to mention the false advertising! I’m getting off-track here…

Be sure to check back soon as we will be posting some updates on the progress of the game!



First Game!

2 thoughts on “First Game!

  • September 8, 2015 at 8:43 am

    Hello Zuen Studios

    I just came across Zuen Studios via your facebook page and mutual friends (Johan Nienaber)

    Your project looks exciting and I am glad to see Indie Game dev studios like yours rise up in South Africa. I look forward to seeing how your work progresses. I myself aspire to become a Game developer (I am learning unity) but I am still very new to Game Dev. I’ll be following you and supporting your work as it goes along.

    good luck with all the hard work. I can kind of imagine the struggles and bugs you have to deal with.

    Game on!
    Carl Meyer

    • October 12, 2015 at 12:23 pm

      Hi Carl,

      Thank you very much for the kind response 🙂 Yes, it is a lot of fun developing a game, but yet also a lot of work 🙂

      Game On :D!


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